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About Fosterbridge

We have been certified to provide in-home homemaker, personal care and nursing assessment services in most of Eastern Ohio, since 1997. We are a 24 hour a day, 7 day a week operation designed to meet your in-home needs. Each of our offices has registered nurses available to provide you with an initial interview to determine your particular needs and schedule all services required to meet those needs.


To preserve the independence and enhance the well-being of those in need of personal care services in the home.



To make the world a better place by fostering a Culture of Care that positively impacts individuals and families.

People we care for

Delivering patient-centered care that helps people retain the freedom to live in their home.  

Providing a flexible, family-oriented place of employment that empowers individuals to learn, grow, and be fulfilled.

People who work with us

People in our communities

Creating Win-Win moments that lead to long-term, positive relationships with people and organizations in our communities.    



We provide services to people fairly, honestly, and with integrity.


We consider people first in all that we say and do.


With a commitment to excellence, we use our skills and knowledge for the benefit of all.

Mutually Respectful

We believe in the following:

Listening with the intent to understand;

Showing respect for everyone’s point of view and being sensitive to their authentic truth; and

Approaching others with good intentions and awareness of our delivery (tone of voice, body language, and choice of words).


We believe in assuming the best, even when history suggests otherwise.


We believe that positive outcomes are possible and that satisfaction is realized when those we serve live safely and independently in their home.  This is our Why.

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